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Can you hear me? Can you see mee? (15 times)

Are those the first words of your video conference ? 

Setting up a meeting or a classroom with local and remote participants has always been a challenge: the technology is difficult to use, it takes time to start the meeting and once started, the meeting or the learning session is turning into a one-way conversation.

Finding the right solutions to setup an interactive and engaging discussion, debate or meeting has been my challenge since the last 5 years.  I was lucky to work at Barco in a development team that found this solution. We have built successful realisations to connect 20 to 100 participants into one session and I have witnessed the interactions and the engagement of all the participants. A meeting becomes more engaging, also when you are remote. A webinar turned into an interactive debate with the participants. A learning session resulted into active contributions from many participants. Screen sharing, polling, questions are triggering the attention of all participants, independent if you are locally in the meeting or the classroom or remote. 

Technology is great, but the people using it are more important.  

While using and witnessing this technology, I realised that technology is important but that the people using the technology are more important. Users are investing in technology, but is that technology easy to use ? Is it correctly used? Is it still used 2-4 years later ? Is it evolved, adapted to users needs ? 

These observations and questions triggered my decision to create my own business : ASEM-solutions. Helping and training people has always been in my DNA. Giving people an awesome experience is giving me a great feeling.  Giving people Always a Super Experience in your Meeting is a great challenge. 

Continuing and building on my experience at Barco I am now able to build this solutions as a turnkey solutions, together with local Audio Visual partners. The turn key solutions includes all components to design, build and operate the virtual meeting room or classroom including the services to successful connecting people. 

Asem-Solutions  -  What we do


Turn key design fitting your needs and scale

Using our experienced team will help you finding the best solution for your needs


with all required components including camera, sound, displays and collaborative platform


Assist you on managing your installation without the need of dedicated staff

Total integration

Easy to use interface

Intuitive interface for all users

no extensive training reqeuired

Web based technology

Use your preferred browser and start collaborating

no additional applications required


All participants wheter local or remote can interact and share their content

Remote management

Configure your room whereever you are

Receive status messages when problems occur

Stream and record

enable participants to join worldwide

Securely record sessions


Detailed reports on usage and occupancy