Biamp is a leader in professional audio systems for business, education, and government facilities. Under Mr. Skaf’s direction, Biamp has charted an aggressive growth strategy that blends organic product line and distribution expansion with entry into new markets via acquisition. The addition of Audioprof Group International comes just seven months after the company acquired Cambridge Sound Management, which made Biamp the world leader in sound masking systems.

Biamp currently offers a wide range of audiovisual solutions that facilitate communication and collaboration in conference rooms, lecture halls, auditoria, and now hospitality and retail, as well as paging and notification for open areas like offices, concourses, stadiums, retail centers, and casinos.
Community Loudspeakers and Apart Audio will join Biamp as product families within the company’s portfolio, with business functions gradually being blended to form a single Biamp business. 

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Small Conference Rooms

Small conference rooms can still have big AV needs, Biamp products are designed to suit these smaller spaces.

Large Conference Rooms

From multimedia presentations to weekly conference calls and everything in between, Biamp products are there for you.

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Multi-Use Spaces

Flexible AV products that meet the demands of ever-changing spaces.